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Refresh! - Tailor make a workshop to address your opportunities!

We can develop sessions to suit your environment & time lines – fresh and fruitful!

Process: We meet and discuss your needs

We present a proposal – so far no fees – we ‘get it right first time’

We proceed with a clear vision forward and what outcomes are desired.

Moving towards end of financial year – book now and finish the year on a high!

We have developed the architecture for various topics that can be delivered to smallish groups of up to 15 in such an interactive and dynamic way that even closed minds peak through! Real strategies are developed in response to real situations. It is preferable to interact with participants before the session, to get their own list of ‘what I need from this workshop’! Then it is our job to deliver.

Having delivered Advanced Diploma in Management, Business, Leadership, Project Management, Sales, Marketing and HR, Rex brings the academic together with the ‘real implementation’ that makes all the difference! Rex has either corporately managed, owned, consulted or coached to just about every industry; he knows what he knows and can effectively share and encourage and through participation and case studies from your business.

The outcome is able to be put to work immediately and Rex stays connected to help that process.


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Execute Team Succession

One of the major deficits in ownership of authority is the planning of succession.

This is so important in an owned business where succession more often or not is in fact the ‘superannuation’ for the owner!

The process: with you we review your job description, make sure it is relevant to you

we review any persons job description that you feel s a suitable candidate

Then we write a report to highlight the opportunities to move forward. This is just the start and could be for as little as $1500 * +GST Anything from there is always agreed beforehand.

In a larger or corporate business succession is as much about career opportunities that keep key people engaged – golden handcuffs with integrity.

If the management style is more manager than leader, then the potential for individuals to rise to the top of their capability or be seen in that light is less likely. Too often succession is sought external to the organisation and whist that can be good, in fact can be most appropriate, looking inside every day can bring surprising results for the organisation and the people.

Having tools like skills matrix can help everyone develop the required skills. Publishing personal and job descriptions of positions throughout the organisation can help at various levels

*clarity of job roles for incumbent

  • assistance for others to know who to go to for what – responsibilities – more useful but not in place of organisational charts
  • helpful for performance appraisals – gives substance and helps with objective versus subjective

What to learn? The brief!

It is said that we lean from our mistakes. Let me tell you, by-an-large, quite the opposite.

Everything we do here at LeadershipThinking.Acdemy is about Leadership.

It is not unusual to send people to the wrong course, spend time on things that do not really matter. Some of this is confused ’cause & effect’ and other is taking an easy road, or just jumping on what is available.

We start this process through a working session where, as a group, we identify what is working and what is not working well enough. From this session we gain connectedness and from that we gain the dynamics of the group – Leadership rather than command and control.

BUDGET: We work to become redundant, we don’t sign annual contracts, we expect to make our mark quickly and develop an environment more enabled with the capacity to gain the benefit from the number of people in the business. $$$ is always agreed before we start as is clarity about outcomes.

We live to repeat our mistakes, getting more and more defensive; more and more blaming others
So, self-esteem and clarity bring about a state of mind that can understand that perfection is not real and mistakes are.

How we handle those mistakes, perceived and real, that’s the question.

As Principal of colourthinking, Rex has had his fair share of ‘learning experiences’. If there is any truth to the ‘been there done that’ comment, that certainly applies to Rex.

The way forward:- a confidential no obligation discussion top identify the right brief. Usually it is all about getting the objective clear, not focusing on effects but working to fix causes.



The graphics shows an empty table – too often that is what is seen by the interlocutor, by the person / people looking to find some sense of a situation. Empty of people or of listening.

Process: Getting it right first time is the focus so it starts with YOU contacting US – no fee.
From that, we tell you if we believe this is of type of work or maybe we refer you to someone else

The $$$$ will very much depend on the situation – charged hourly at a rate for face to face and a rate for back room analysis and solution development. Your cost isn’t spot much about the hourly fee but the time it takes and the degree of success. Thats the real $$$$ equation.

The job of the mediator (at least at with the LeadershipThinking.Academy) is to facilitate a respectful, useful interchange of conversation. Getting agreement as to the sought outcome, helping to minimise emotional interjection, verbal and thoughtful. No bad person, good person, right or wrong, fact or blame, just, “where are we – where do we want to get to – what are the important peripherals – what are the ‘current’ non-negotiables.

See mediation / conciliation and Litigation within the Knowledge Bank on this site

Bespoke - tailored to your needs

Whilst our name https://leadershipthinking.academy suggests an institution, an environment of ‘canned’ programs, that’s not who we are. We know that one size does not fit all; we know that too many times the organisational budget is spent, that people are sent off and come back with either very little or, very little that sustains.

PROCESS: It is all about the brief. This is like a mini-consultation, where we add our experience to your explanation of your need. Through this we are bound to gain a clearer image of the work that needs to be done.

Through Rex’s extensive experience, within senior corporate management, self-owned businesses or coaching and consulting to just about any industry you could mention, he knows the touch points.

It is very difficult to use the phrase, “that wouldn’t work in our industry” or “it is different in our state”!

Well not difficult to use, but difficult to get way with.

Rex knows that there are differences across state, across industry BUT the one big unifier is people. Get the people right and the rest follows. And, that is all about Leadership!

It starts with getting the brief right. Conservatively, we look back on the myriad of business we have undertaken over the years and observe that at a minimum, 25% of the initial briefs were just plain wrong. Our competitors often took those briefs and then set about achieving those objectives. In most cases we found the brief was more ‘effect’ oriented and we moved the focus onto the ’cause’. That made for a much more substantial brief and a result of that a more appropriate and sustainable outcome.

Tie that to our vision ‘to become redundant to the process’ and all in all we had a more competent brief.

So it starts with a conversation. A no obligation conversation –

  • we listen
  • we add value
  • we summarise and put forward a draft proposal

From that proposal, you see if we were listening; if through that process you the prospective client have progressed your thinking maybe we need a second meeting* to discuss the effective brief. *Initial meeting at no cost, subsequent brief identification meetings at 50% of standard fee

A solid foundation to work from. Once the money is spent, once the participants to the work have been motivated, there must be a sound result. Given that something like 90% of all project fail completely or fail to deliver the main objectives, we KNOW the brief is paramount.

Give Rex a buzz for a confidential, no obligation  discussion – 0407827173

Why the ‘scrum’ image? Getting down and dirty into new thinking, new attitudes, new ways of behaving is dirty work. One needs to have a motivated and caring but positively expectant environment – we provide that.         A solid brief, competent concepts, skilful interactions.

People live up to or down to our expectations and that becomes self fulfilling!



Next step selling techniques

There are so may sales courses around.

Numerous blogs, unlimited YouTube and Webinars, these can add value. What is most useful is crafted specific interactive workshops, focused on actual product and real case studies. That is sustainable.

Through Rex’s numerous business experience he is able to come at sales from as if inside the business – he has either owned, consulted or coached, corporately managed or trained just about any industry you can mention.

Rex’s employment has included

  • retail management
  • credit management – motor vehicles – bailment – leasing
  • finance and insurance
  • wholesale, retail direct sales
  • owned businesses selling direct

Rex’s own businesses have included

  • Gift store retail
  • Home and commercial security – domestic and commercial
  • Recruitment – professional and labor hire
  • Home furnishings – 10 direct sales store locations in SA

Rex knows that when a prospect says, “thank you, I will get back to you”, that is the hole the salesperson does’t need to fall into – we have ways to avoid that.

Rex knows that a lot about sales success is the sales management environment AND from first hand experience knows that it is very easy to start to believe what the sales person is saying – that is not to imply they are telling untruths But, that what the sales person needs is believable strategies to recover a down sales streak. Those strategies are probably not the ones that have been peddled before. A bit like the child hearing as if for the first time from the uncle, what the dad has been saying for sometime.

  • We craft a sales development program with the help of the sales person
  • We investigate past success and and why lost sales occurred
  • We make it safe to talk about actuals rather than listening to hypotheticals

Rex is also a whiz at sales meetings. He motivates through honest feedback and workable strategies. He can help in real time for individuals to reach out and try new concepts.

If nothing changes things do change. Self confidence lowers, position in the sales force weakens, career opportunities are less and income suffers. It is wrong to repeat the old adage –

If nothing changes, nothing changes. It is a nonsense!

If nothing changes things do change – they get worse!




Each week we receive numerous resumes from great people with lots to offer.
We add from time to time and alert you through LinkedIn and the colourthinking FaceBook page.- I have two more to add soon. Check this one out!

We select certain ones to share with our followers – he is our newest

” An experienced and seasoned Financial Management professional with over 15 years proven track-record,who is pro-active, hands-on, competent at implementing business improvement strategies and enabling decision making at the C- Suite levels. Looking to further develop skills in the Banking and Mortgage industries. Looking for a career opportunity or, a contract to help out a temporary vacancy”