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Negative behaviour over 35 years

I was asked to come and ‘fix’ a bad behaving production manager (300 staff), survivor of 4 ownership changes, numerous GM’s and various MD’s. He was known for high staff turnover and ‘refusal to work’ with situations.

His comment to me was to remind me of his survival. Problem was management was scared to take strict action (which isn’t the answer anyway) in case the Union took action and the Union, well the Union just didn’t know what to do; he was causing them problems as well and they wondered why management hadn’t done anything! A very familiar case study.

They didn’t talk to each other. I brought them together, we put a unified, ‘we love you but you have to change’ scenario – a consequence that was able to be supported! On that day, after 35 years and some help with ‘what to do differently, what to say, how to act’, he changed.
My next task, some 3 months later was to help him manage the people who wanted him to mentor them! Same person, + leadership!

Peace at last & fun & fulfilment

Testimonial from an individual being bullied It started with a 2 hour consult, then xxx went home and wrote back so I could see if she had picked up what we were talking about; whether I had been clear. Homework 13/5/17 Hi Rex, our chat yesterday was invaluable. It was lovely to meet you. Once I again I thank you immensely for taking some time to share your wisdom on my situation! Xxx’s feedback to Rex August 2017 For a period of 2 years, I had been working and reporting in a matrix structure whereby the higher positions were not filled with individuals experienced in managing the bullying behaviours that I was experiencing. I had spoken to my line manager on several occasions and nothing ever happened that made a positive difference. Reputation of bullying behaviors was well known for this particular individual, and I was told to be resilient and not take the attacks personally. For this period I did not know what else to do and tried to be resilient getting on with my work. My self-esteem suffered as I never felt I was carrying out my job satisfactorily and this impacted on my entire life. Various people had suggested ways of handling the situation but nothing worked. I felt powerless and my bosses just seemed to move on, accepting that the behaviour I was experiencing was inevitable from this individual and not providing me with possible solutions. I was referred to Rex and after a 2-hour consultation I was given a step-by-step strategy together with a discussion regarding probable conversations, and likely solutions. After the appointment, I was asked to write an email to him including my understanding of the process, and how I envisaged I would handle the situation. This allowed for opportunity to clarify any miscommunications and ensure I had interpreted the information correctly. Following this, I felt very confident with the process and I was ready to take personal control. Up until this point however, I had felt entirely helpless, and had no idea what to actually do (and to be truthful, I didn’t believe things could really change!). I felt empowered. I put into practice the two strategies I had learned throughout my consultation with Rex. As a result of this, I noticed an immediate change in that persons’ behaviour towards me- change that has sustained now for three months. On a couple of occasions I have seen a potential for the old behaviour to return, (which Rex warned me was probable) and I put in place his maintaining strategy and sustained the positive change. I realised after this that my behaviours were as much of the problem as the person giving me grief (as much as I didn’t want to admit to this initially). I didn’t know what to do and people around me, peers and managers didn’t know either. Negativity and close mindedness, became a routine pathway for communicating and thinking about my discontent with the situation. I had come to the belief that it wasn’t possible to make a change and that I would have to learn to be resilient to the behaviour or leave the job. I didn’t see how being resilient to bullying behaviour was in any way a good objective, nether leaving a job I love and am good at. I now feel it has made a positive impact on my workplace, in that it has demonstrated how effectively and positively conflict can be managed if done using the correct process. Email Trail after the event – 22.11.17 Things have been going well- we have been workingreally well together. Has really been positive ever since! Finding work muchmore enjoyable now. I responded as to how her supervisor was working with others as when I heard last, the supervisors behaviours had changed only with the subject. 26.11.17 The response – I do find she is a lot more respectful /professional in her communication with others and in team discussions. I do notice however she continues to gossip (being quite critical of others in her conversations with close workmates). 14.02.2018 Her feedback – Hi Rex, we have been getting along better than ever actually! Very positive interactions recently 🙂 Don’t put up with behaviours that make you feel down. Don’t allow the situation to continue. Believe that it can be better – tell any of your friends about the experience this young women had and how her life has changed. Every day you let yourself be bullied you are depreciating and probably your other relationships are as well. It’s is really as simple as a phone call – it can be confidential – have a chat and let’s see if we can add value to the value you are. Rex 0407827173 – no obligation.

Successful organisational change

Feedback from the HR Director:- Rex has been working with our organisation in South Australia over recent times in developing the “clinic managers” from technicians to leaders / enablers.
The work that Rex has implemented has been beneficial to our business. He has enabled us to improve the management of our people. Most people would recognise that staff engagement and commercial performance are tightly linked. For our business to compete in a very tight market it’s important that every individual who comes to one of our Clinics enjoys doing so. Passion is a great motivator, Rex has given the staff the “Tools” to deal with many situations – be it with their peers or patients (clients).

We do acknowledge that we do have staff that are passionate about their work, however they needed to be given assistance to further develop their communication and management styles. Rex was crucial in this process. Rex delivered many workshops for management, clinical and non clinical staff. As a business we have enjoyed a marked success in clinic managers, understanding if they hold a responsible position that they receive appropriate training in interpersonal relationships, situational problem solving and handling difficult behaviours.

The training Rex provided delivered consistent quality, improved effectiveness and lower staff turn over / absenteeism. Rex not only delivers effective management tools but also lives by them. I have always found Rex to be approachable, open and genuinely interested in people. Regards, Margaret Doddridge Human Resources Manager General Manager Human Resources