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I am one of the guys who actually knows that women add value. I experience it whenever there are women in an exec or board group – they cut through and identify actions and scope. I also know they can be their worst enemy – as of course men can be, I can be. That’s where quality mentors and coaches are imperative – people not scared to say it as they see it. I know I hold secrets that work in ‘anti-bullying’ and that when I tried to embrace the domestic violence scene, I was sort of politely cut off; that there is great investment in the ‘victim’ mentality.  If you are a woman wanting to be heard and wanting to do something about it – not celebrate how it’s not happening, how unfair life is etc, then let’s connect! YES?

It starts with a response to this blog – thats good but submissive. It really starts with a phone call – mine is 0407827173 – nothing to loose? Really, is it your time?

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