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I didn’t like the ‘power’ analogy (nothing to do with footy), clearly they are talking about influence that is ‘buyable’ – that is, it doesn’t take ‘Command & Control’ behaviour but more about influencing behaviour, to achieve team work and satisfactory outcomes, even when out-voting; it is also taking into account the depth of your influence!

Apart from recognising your status, I write because people of influence can use it for the benefit of themselves, their organisations, their family, and interests.

I have been concerned for sometime, and that concern is growing, that the whole entrepreneurial ‘thing’, is going to rebound negatively on many of the bright, passionate (mostly young) people who do not have much idea of what they are about – loose goals (if any) listening too much to hopeful comments and not being really grounded. 

Being on this ‘Power’ list, you are an influence on many (people know it and some who don’t know it, they just get your aura and your influence, your sound core values and success); your impact is absolutely needed for the young and passionate people, amongst other groups equally. 

I wondered if you thought my book, aimed widely but certainly at this group would be something you would be interested in. (Please do to see this as a sales email, I am happy to give it at cost, that was my vision for writing it – yes I sell it, I also give discounts because people value anything more when they have some ‘skin in the game’).

It’s about personal, family, business and more

  • brand ID and ownership
  • Growing effective interpersonal communication skills
  • identifying career motives and opportunities
  • gaining clarity about direction
  • goal setting plus
  • setting up a business
  • Anti-bullying – a whole new perspective

and I give an hour of my time with each book – free.

Apart from the young entrepreneurs which  I am concerned about, I also work with people who are being bullied, I am very interested in ‘victims’ of domestic violence and youth suicide. I believe my book can help all these people.

DevelopThroughLeadershipThinking starts talking about me, a proven dud all through school until 15, then through the impact of ‘Leadership’, before being conscripted, the youngest manager in Woolworths. The book is about ‘People live up too or down too expectations’ and that becomes not only self-fulfilling, but actually a recipe to be believed, impacting on self-worth. If you would like a copy I will get it to you, 

I would love to talk to you about how it has helped others and could be a great start for 2022 for many. It could be useful to you, to your family, to your business or to groups you work with; it gives new perspectives on how to recognise old habits and make adjustments to self behaviour that empowers your positive influence. There is no doubt, 2022 will be challenging BUT, with the right mind set and skills to interrelate and think, the myriad of opportunities will become visible

Cheers Rex 0407827173


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