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Enhanced Interpersonal Communications – your Brand!


Let’s chat, put together a group, ew can work out a cost effective way for you to be who you should be.

Synopsis:– We will cover ways to consider ‘your brand’ today and ways to enhance that to where you might want to take it. Interpersonal and brand includes your thinking about you.
Brand and how you talk to yourself and relate to others; we walk through ways to develop that to suit. A Brand can be an accident or you can devise how you want to be seen through how you act and think.

What do we cover:- Ways to reassess your current persona, ways to identify changes you might want to make to fit the person that will fit the position you are interested in.

This includes your behaviour, your ability to relate with others, make firm connections, handle uncomfortable situations. It also addresses influencers in your life that you want to have, be aware of and their impact – good and sometimes not so good. To develop your view of your tomorrow, there are some steps, we identify those and talk about how you might review your progress.

What question you might ask:- You could have found yourself falling out with someone, or unsure how to approach a potential new friend or employer, a teacher perhaps.

You may have already developed a resume, your friends might have taken a different way forward, you could have experienced interviews and want to debrief as to what worked and what didn’t seem to work as well. From this, it is possible to gain an appreciation of how you are seen; from this, you can audit those perceptions and work to adjust to suit your direction.

The concept of a personal brand might be new to you and you want clarification, we will talk about that?

We cover such topics in pursuit of identifying our Brand 2021 on-going as

  • How we act, how we speak, our facial and body actions, what we say, how we think.
  • How to take stock of current attitudes and behaviour with a view of progressing
  • Think about habits that have evolved, and how to identify and adjust to suit your brand
  • How to interact with others to get honest feedback
  • How to be aware of others impacts and how to recognise those aspects that you do not want to replicate/want to replicate
  • What to be sure to do and not do

It is all as much about ‘your brand’ as you experience, skills and academic background that will gain you a promotion or a new job or indeed, a new friend. It is near impossible to mask your brand when people meet you regardless of your credentials or other recommendations. It is possible to mask yourself from your own brand, that is very often part of the challenge – being open to input, acting nondefensively.

Objective: For the participant to gain clarity about the concept of developing a personal brand that will deliver to them the outcomes of relationships and employment they desire.

Rex Buckingham Principal LeadershipThinking.Academy.  0407827173
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