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One thing is for certain, the average business person doesn’t either know or practice recruiting enough to tackle it alone. So many bad decisions are made, too often not enough time is spent on any part of the process –

Where the recruitment is due to a change-out position – someone leaves or is asked to leave – some of the questions to ask

  • why did the current person  / position not work
  • is there clarity about the job & person description – does anyone in the business fit that or are capable of growing into that?
  • has there been consultation with peers and others about the position – work flow etc
  • does the advertisement capture the actual position clearly enough – a reason people leave a job is because it was nothing like they were led to believe it would be
  • is this a good time to reconsider the entire flow of work, job types and responsibilities – investigate alternative ways forward

Where the recruitment is due to growth, new ways forward, untested waters

  • how can this be benchmarked – is there anyone else operating like we are thinking of – a template we can share?
  • is this a fad we are following because we are somewhat lost and getting into deep water?
  • if it is a fad, where is it on the life-cycle
  • is there external expertise we need to sounding board our thoughts with

At all stage throughout an organisations life, there needs to be care that input sought from people in the business is not sullied bu either pre-emptive or group think.

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