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Looking for a conversation to identify potential benefits in working together with organisations    

In initiating this conversation, I am working from the premise that all organisations have as their most precious resource it’s people. 

That initially having the right organisational structure and duty statements means people have a sense of their purpose. That with clarity about objectives and strong procedures to develop people, an organisation can flourish.

Having said that, the everyday need to be acutely aware of individuals growth needs can be quite confronting. Recognising the various ways individuals learn, motivate, interact and the bevy of outcomes is challenging, as is how to manage those.

Technical people and non-technical people needing each other for maximum effectiveness working through their various styles. Casuals and fulltime people, sometimes job-share, all creating energies that need to be managed. Management versus Leadership and what that is all about. Some of the matters we concern ourselves with are:- (putting aside appropriate duty statements, recruitment, selection, induction and effective personnel feedback as a given)

  • Individuals underperforming – working to establish clarity about gaps and ways forward
  • Individuals with styles that disconnect others, working to change to the positive
  • Individuals who act passively and are not heard – help them be heard, be counted, be accountable
  • People looking to progress through the organisation but are not seen as ready behaviourally or strategically – identifying gaps and assisting the process
  • Individuals lacking self-esteem and being blocked from further effectiveness through that
  • Individuals who are too dominant and need to find ways to share the spot light

and then there could be

  • Absenteeism too high
  • Failure to take leave, too much accruing
  • Failure to effectively create succession
  • Lack of sharing of certain tasks – too much dependence on an individual for a process


  • A need to help individuals who have responsibilities for others, at any level, find ways to do that which support respect, trust, growth and accomplishment without micromanaging and owning. 

Could this be the basis of a conversation? I have the runs on the board experience to add value with a personal vision of become redundant to the process.

Rex Buckingham

Principal – www.colourthinking.com.au

Leadership Thinking Academy

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