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Thinking leads to language.
Language, presupposes others’ thinking, thinkings that ‘one’ needs to learn from that language.

That can overpower new thinking and almost make it redundant, especially if the thinker is powerful.
The thinker, thinking that they are the solution; that thinker, often being the ‘boss’, overlooking that their real job is to be the facilitator’ establishing 1+#=> ∑ # One plus a number equalling more than the sum of the number being a worthy objective, I think!

Feeling disconnected, unappreciated, overlooked, and disrespected are some of the reasons people underperform, resign, and even commit acts of sabotage against their employers. These reasons listed are forms of bullying that lead to the underperformance of an organisation and lack of duty of care.

The Project Management Institute reasons that at least 60% of all projects fail to meet scope and the ‘feelings’ mentioned above are part of that. If Artificial Intelligence is to be useful then people must be part of that journey, not recipients. Too much ‘boss’ talking and not enough engaging and listening and trusting.

Vijay Tella’s book, The New Automation Mindset, states that digital transformation has proven unsuccessful in 90% of companies.

Get it wrong and the company goes back to less than it was at the start and probably has blown the budget on money and team goodwill.

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