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South Australia was a leading state in the fight against covid, all our economic measures were leading the country! Then the borders were open and the Lib’s acceptance fell! Odd isn’t it, it seems everyone was calling for them to be opened and they weren’t, for good reason. Then the gov’t fell to public opinion which as soon as they opened, the public changed their mind! SO, the Marshall government fell because it didn’t have the courage of its own convictions! It lost its way and maybe also had become arrogant?

I have been writing to the new premier – no response yet but hey, he would have had a lot of correspondence, mine was on LinkedIn. I have been trying to get him to be less presidential and talk about his team, a number (more than ever) of senior people there to look after us – thinking, using their combined experience.

Here is the trail to date

Feb 13, 2022

Interesting how media treat the important subject of government and beefcake. Great to see you not intimidated by what could have been seen as inevitable press coverage BUT could still be a real dad to Eliza. What we need is real people focused on real challenges and I’m a liberal; I’m not sure that you aren’t as well, with a measure of balance the other way? Best wishes

March 22, 2022

Congratulations on your outstanding win. I’ve been a liberal all my life, twice asked to stand. I’m afraid ‘they’ have lost their way, good people in the main lost & disenfranchised. You are young, smart and ‘on-point’, you have much more experience than most know & you will be exceptional; if I may the concept of the Premier being a facilitator, not the solution is worth considering. It would be great to be governed by a group rather than a single will! Every best wish to you, your family and team and us! Cheers Rex 040782717 Rex@LeadershipThinking.Academy

March 24, 2022

Peter all I’m hearing to date is “I”, “my” etc. We know you won, and it was you, not the party. Now is the time for ‘our’ and ‘we’ etc Not a Presidential voice but collegiate! Not a consensus but collaborative- inside and external to government. Accessible and listening across all sets of ears. My contribution is genuine. Cheers Rex

March 25, 2022

Peter, you will need to ensure your people and you engage in Intelligent disobedience, something most organisations do not understand or practice. Between you and the ‘public service’, egos and agendas will too often muddy the waters. You will need to establish clarity through collaboration, not consensus, inside and out of government. Your first 100 days will set the fate of your aspirations, the energy to drive and accomplish.

I will add other posts here as time goes on. I am happy to give ‘labor’ a chance to prove themselves, it looks like they will be in charge for many years to come!

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