Park Lodge 79 Hackney Road Hackney, Adeleide, South Australia, Australia 5069
  • HOW TO EVEN UP THE ODDS article talking about women not being heard in business. Lots of aspirations no how to’s! We offer FREE to up to ten people (need not be a women as men have much the same problem too often) just ring and register directly with Rex – 0407827173 – get some easy to remember and use tools that just may change your life, or at least assist – FREE, no obligation or expectation of anything else from me.
  • Monthly SPECIAL OFFER – register quickly before capacity is reached – agreed objectives!
  • Mediation – it can be that the adults are not getting on together and so these negative behaviours abound – we help adults sort out their problems through adult mediation – talking to those concerned and helping to find new ways forward – it is possible to come back from the brink!
    It is possible if new ways forward are sought, not if hope is the basis or a 43rd chance to change. Do it for the kinds, do it for yourselves.
    Special offer – meet for an hour free of charge – $00.00 and then see where that leads – no obligation! 

    • Two hour face to face with Rex, ‘Business Health Check ‘2018-19’ and a summary with ‘high level’ actions and strategies – only $250 + GST.
      Due to time constraints, only ten packages available and must register by end of December 2018
    • Recruitment package – assistance with review of position, development of job description, development and placement of advertisement, recruitment and short list and interview as well as letter of offer. Fee usually 14% of gross, 8% of gross fee special
    • Presentation of AntiBullying, Harassment and Discrimination workshop as required by SafeWork and Duty of Care – 45 minutes Usually $450.00 special $250.00 + GST Must register by end of December 2018


  • SEE FEE’S – 
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