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(Re)Purpose – Digital Storytellers Wednesday 16th March 2022

Mickey Yeung, Co-creator at Digital Storytellers, Story Weaver at Enterprising Stories, Volunteer for the Alliance of Social Enterprise Networks of Australia, Impact Storyteller facilitated this event, unfortunately, I had to leave after an hour and most of that was social interaction between five or six of us at ‘our table’ as it were. That was interesting and important in its own right; somewhat edifying.

It seemed the target audience was ‘Social Enterprise Networks (SEN)but when considered, aren’t all groups, organisations just that. Maybe a definition of (SEN) is,

‘an enterprise social network is a private, internal social network that businesses use to enable their team to communicate* with each other across the company’?

I think the underlying conversation in our group was how do you get one of these happening and communicated and understand governance issues, all on a small budget of both money & time? What was the focus of your group?

There was also, amongst the myriad of other conversation between people who had just met – great vibe – that about the so-called, Founders Syndrome. Again from Wikipedia­ Founder’s syndrome (also founderitis) is the difficulty faced by organisations and in particular young companies such as start-ups, where one or more founders maintain disproportionate power and influence following the effective initial establishment of the organization, leading to a wide range of problems.

colourthinking* see this but it can also happen in organisations/groups after establishment and sometimes right into what could be seen as maturity. These organisations are usually held back and at the least vulnerable, should anything happen to the initiator. Further, those associated do not get a chance to feel ‘ownership’ as they are more used as ‘worker bees’.

People live up to or down to expectations and that becomes self-fulfilling!

*  “enable their team to communicate” Communication is more than social media, databases, emails and texts. It’s even more than face-to-face, it is about connection! Me, wanting to hear what you have to say, me thinking you care what I say – it is about negotiation, collaboration, non ‘master/servant, command & control – but facilitation of an agreed outcome – not leading necessarily to consensus though!

Using Intelligent disobedience can assist people to break away and think outside the paradigm, feeling not only safe but expected to do so. Two heads bring more to a conversation when looking to use own experience and hear others, meld into the best outcome.

Social Enterprise Networks suffer from all the same communication breakdowns as does any other form of so-called communication; the addition of an editor or administrator who has some sort of overreaching power doesn’t help the environment much unless very carefully handled.

Very often it is difficult for the in-house management to effect the change in behaviour that brings about more forthright input; own embedded habits, embedded expectations of the team. It is though, possible to bring about and sustain the positive changes that can bring a team to life!

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