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Skills Matrix /performance managementSkills Matrix – this is about dissecting a job position into categories and tasks, then using various evaluation methods, painting a picture of competence as to each of the processes within a task. This enables more effective delegation and much more effective performance review and general recognition of a person’s worth.

One way of evaluation is for the individual to consider their own effectiveness, own knowledge. Another is to have a senior do that or even have colleagues, peers, people who feed-in and take out from the work done by the individual make their determinations. Some sort of grading system can be useful eg No knowledge – NL, Beginner – B, Able to undertake work supervised- S, Able to undertake work with no supervision, unsupervised – US, at such a skill level and communication competency that they can act as a Mentor – M.

This type of identification makes it possible to consider team development, recognises competency in a fairly safe manner. Out of this comes appropriate training and experience gathering to work through the various levels. Whilst this conversation was focused on the work environment it can be as easily adapted to the family, the home.

With self-deliberation, one of the challenges is about their thinking they know what they know while not knowing what they don’t know? This can point to the level of mentoring / effective performance feedback and / or the need to make sure giving solutions at every level needs to be restrained in order that you don’t assume their knowledge while they are assuming their knowledge, achieving an outcome but with more input from others that necessarily seen.?

Always looking for the GAP so ‘ghost holes’ can be identified and addressed. Poor behaviour surely follows unreasonable expectations of people and too often that is based on poor recognition of the scope of the knowledge and experience. In these situations people tend to mediocracy as that is a somewhat safe place to be, until they are judged incompetent or against change.


Mediocracy -an environment of mediocre thinking / activity / expectation.

Although some dictionaries accept the meaning of this word as “medium” or “average,” in fact its connotations are almost always more negative. When something is distinctly not as good as it could be, it is mediocre

When we are thinking about ourselves, are we getting comfortably comfortable where we are right now? Are we using that measure with our children, with our relationships? If we operate from a sense of being comfortable, is that likely to spur us on to new achievements, even to identify if there are more things we would like to achieve, higher sense of excellence, a variation to our pattern, a new opportunity?

Are we move likely to settle on where the measure is and if that is so, are we then more or less likely to depreciate? It seems to me that there is either development or depreciation, that there is no half-way; a half-way has to be waited one way or the other and if it is weighted on the positive, then there will be a sense of uncomfortable comfortableness about our lives, in that spectrum. So we can be at different levels of anything in different parts of our lives. Just as when thinking about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, we may be self-actualised in our relationship with our dog and but in a feeling of unsafe with our employment, even if in only one sector of that.

There may be a place in growth, between picking up new experiences, where an individual drifts into mediocracy and if ‘leadership’ isn’t alert, can become a disconnected employee and positionally a lost employer as they go elsewhere searching for new challenges. Oddly, it is not unusual for a person to have fallen into this state and not recognise their own ability to drive their growth. With mediocracy potentially come a drop o]in self-esteem.

In the family situation, complacency and mediocracy may go hand in hand and are sure to contribute to disconnection from the drivers in the family, resulting in poor behaviour.




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