Park Lodge 79 Hackney Road Hackney, Adeleide, South Australia, Australia 5069

When Marie Boland left, as I understand it, a decision was made to virtually move the two departments across – that is officers who once were in compliance were moved to the other area and vice versa. This effectively meant that built up experience was lost, the officers were put under stress and outcomes were damaged.

Now we read SafeWork SA officers at risk of ‘corruption’. When mud is thrown etc – innocent until proven guilty? There are obviously short comings but one has to wonder about ‘due process’. Equally, if the watch dogs watch dog has ether the death or the inclination to find fault?

Past that, the ability to work with Safework to find remedy’s for likely breaches?

Such an important department; so much at stake; such a wide area of responsibility. Is there strong leadership there now?

If that person is┬áMartyn Campbell then from his LinkedIn profile, he seems to ahve lots of cross experience with the skill sets and managing. Not sure about his actual real leadership experience – that is leading not telling, not managing. Does anyone want to offer up a comment?

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