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Testimonial – Rex Buckingham

We recently engaged Rex Buckingham as one of two speakers to present to our group of Master Electrician Members at a Branch Meeting Event. We choose Rex for a number of reasons, the main being for his known ability to engage with an audience and express his message clearly, and he did not disappoint!

He spoke broadly about the importance of engaging with staff to increase productivity, the perpetual and damaging effect of bullying in the workplace, the importance of clear communication and definition of roles and being clear about your expectations. The topic was thought provoking and relevant for all our guests and the discussion was perfect for this type of forum.

His underlying message ‘if nothing changes, things do change, they get worse!’, implementing change, no matter how small, can make a large impact, and that people will live up or down to our expectations.

Rex’s interactive presentation was well received by our audience and we had nothing but extremely positive feedback from our guests. We would highly recommend Rex for Motivational and Guest Speaking, he has a unique approach and is always challenging the generic thought pattern. We look forward to staying connected with Rex in the future.


Liz Humphrys-Glynn

THG Electrical

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