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When one considers how important the people of a business are, then the business of bringing new people on board is complex.
Not to be handled lightly, quickly, without recruitment experience.

Recruiters should have real life experience and not rely on academic qualifications alone. Street smarts are an important part of the recruitment process.

Rex has held corporate positions in manufacturing, retail, direct sale and wholesale selling, finance and leasing.

Rex has owned his own businesses – security, recruitment and home furnishings (largest in Sth Australia).

Rex has coached and consulted to just about any industry you could name.

Rex has taught Advanced Diploma of Project Management, Management, Leadership, Business, Human Resource and Marketing.

So, the business of recruiting the right person, first time!

  • Is there a real position or is it being filled because someone left?
  • Are there people in the business who could move to carry our the position in focus – is the position even in focus – strategically is this the right position?
  • In the past, have others assumed some of the responsibilities of this position and so it is now quite a different job?
  • The capabilities and experienced normally called imperative – are they? Considering the majority of success is about personal dynamics, just what is necessary as past experience / known skills?
  • Has anyone engaged with those employees still in the business to keep them informed or are they out there making judgments, coming to assumptions that may not be positive?
  • Who is checking the job description, the advertisement for correct information? Get a peer to check it out; if the previous person is still in the business, involve them.

As a recruiter undertaking exit interviews, the 2 most common complaints are *Job was nothing like I was told it would be and * Toxic office!

  • Then it gets down to the best way to find applicants, how to vet / analyse so there is an apples for apples comparison – all the paperwork saying thanks but not thanks etc
  • The interview – who, how many questions to ask, what to ask etc
  • Then more analysis – looking out for the ‘out of the box’ applicants who¬†do not strictly meet the requirements – we give these people if employed a double guarantee!
  • Checking references – looking out for the bogus, the over prepared, scripted etc
  • Preparing the letter of offer – going thought that whole process
  • Ensuring a competent induction /mentoring plan is developed and suitably implemented
  • Settling in the incumbent

As a recruiter we know that induction is often less than optimal and it is SO important – we help the employer get this ready before hand

As a recruiter we know that performance management is less than optimal (if at all) in many organisations and so we provide as part of our service to the employer (our client) and the lucky applicant a series of planned meetings after start –

  • End of 1st week
  • End of 2nd week with the immediate supervisor / manager /chair – depending on the position level
  • End of 3rd week with the incumbent
  • Then monthly (or as needed if more) throughout the grantee period

As the recruiter we recognise this is a costly process – we know it is even more costly if the wrong person in employed and that is why you retain a professional own the first place.


To support the services we provide

  • we provide a six month guarantee on matching the employers job descriptions
  • twelve months guarantee where we this discern a different personal specification to the employers

Both guarantees require the organisation to allow Leadership Thinking Academy access to the incumbent as well as their managers up the line for the purpose of assistance with induction, feed-back and any performance management situations – ahead of time (nots after the fact)

That is a condition







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