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LeadershipThinking.Academy offers a bespoke range of workshops to address all management subjects. Working from a ’cause and effect’ perspective, we focus on one specific subject each month – amongst those is ‘Working with difficult situations’, ‘Effective discussions,’ ‘Working to make time count’, ‘Making sure performance reviews work’, ‘Connecting people who are underperforming,’ ‘Understanding what management is and the associated behaviours’ and of course – ‘Leadership, what is it, what does it look like, what’s my personal plan’. Other courses focus on Risk management, use of Training tools such as skills matrix, gap analysis etc

Make contact, let’s talk about where you are, what you need and then we can work out the best way forward – piece by piece but planned.

The format of this focus, energetic learnings is


That is, we exchange concepts, experience, skills then the participant uses those concepts back in the workplace for up to two weeks and then together we explore the results and remix concepts where necessary so the participant has the new skill embedded. Too often people attend learning and nothing changes. That is not our philosophy; we need learning to sustain, the participant to have gained value, the organisation and stakeholders to benefit.

The usual format – 

Two half day workshops separated by one to two weeks for practice, then a second half day workshop. to confirm skills

2 x 4 hours @ $175 per session = $350 +gst
Full support throughout by phone or zoom to ensure realisation of our promise, to impart useful sustainable tools. Pricing based on cohort of at least 8 – $200 for each additional up to 12

WORKSHOP FOR March/April –

What is management, what is Leadership and what do I need to do differently to optimise my capacity.
Many participants will not need some of the others courses as there is much opportunity avaiable after this ‘juggling act’ of behaviour is realised and put tnto practice.


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