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Positive start to 2019 – create positive environments ….behaviours!

This is the time to get the year off and running.Time to recognise what was working well and what was not working as well and as a team fix it!

It’s a time to make sure everyone is in a situation where they can leave at night, knowing they have made a positive contribution. Not putting up with behaviours that are negative.

The fixing of things is a real sign that there is a cohesive structure and culture. Continual errors equally signal the organisation is broken – worse still that the people of the organisation either don’t care or are dissuaded to participate. This most often occurs in a command & control structures.

This is the time to establish the organisational reference point.

Another word for ‘culture’ is ‘connectedness’. Do the people of the organization, even the suppliers and clients feel connected.
Are communications and is thinking inclusive and open?

Do the behaviours generally create outcomes that are respectful, truthful and nondiscriminatory What do those behaviours look like.

Anything that is broken and allowed to be broken is so with the permission of ownership. People are paid to return to work each day and work in and allow for broken processes and procedures. That is the effect of not identifying and working to fix those situations.

BEWARE – it is too easy for the manager to manager – that comes out like ‘command & control’, so this is where Leadership behaviours comes in.The ‘chief’ is not in charge of the solutions, they are the conductor, the facilitator, the motivator, the questioner, the listener. This breeds connectedness, that develops fertile ground.

This can benefit from an external lead to get past negative or unfulfilling past experiences – to demonstrate the will for change – I’m happy to come and talk about that, no obligation.


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