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Rex Buckingham

Philosophy? LeadershipThinking.Advocate have the opinion that this is about holding a belief or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behaviour and core values, for building our learning environments to match, so we can deliver on those concepts.

This forms the foundation of our thinking, our reference points.

They broadly consist of

  1. People live up to or down to our expectations and that becomes a self fulfilling prophecy
  2. That we must suspect judgement and not be confused by others opinions or in fact what an individual says.
  3. Look to understand a person by observing their behaviour over time; not in cameo but with the benefit of time
  4. That as a Leader, I have the responsibility to understand and apply ’emotional intelligence’ in my communications
  5. That I do not as a starting point look for right and wrong, or allot fault of blame, or look for good or bad – I look to apply objective consideration

That not living in a glass house, I must respect myself first and walk the walk. That as a Leader I do not really get a ‘day-off’. That people will be ready to judge me and that if I fail the test, then I need to rebuild and that is always more problematic.

Philosophy? Maybe I know what I know. Maybe I even know what I don’t know. But I will certainly know more if I listen and encourage others. One plus a number when careful and respectful listening is involved, will always produce a more solid sustainable outcome.

That as the Leader, it is my responsibility to be a facilitator, not the solution. That I need to work with everyone to optimise all of our skills and experience. We all need to identify our ‘gaps’ and then develop ways to learn through any gap into competency.

At LeadershipThinking.Academy our Vision is ‘To become redundant to the need’. That is we do not look to attach ourselves to you, make you reliant on us BUT rather, equip you to go forward without our input. We remain interested; we remain available to come back and assist with certain projects, to act as sounding board as and when yo see that as being beneficial – to act as paradigm breakers!

Effective listening and feedback to build shared actions is pivotal to achieving these outcomes.

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