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Note to LinkedIn members of Orora, employer of Peter Howard, recent suicide victim and other readers!

Reading the Sunday Mail today (19.12.21) page 6 & 7, I am anxious at comments re Peter (Adelaide suicide) attributed to Orora “we don’t tolerate any form of unsafe work practices ….. we adhere to a code of conduct and ethics… ensure all employees are supported and safe …” so it seems Peter just inflicted all this on himself? The report seems to omit people’s names, those he mentioned in his diary – so they know who they are.

Now I am anxious that this, such a clean company, has any idea how to actually implement the policies they seem to be saying they already had? How, current people all through the organisation experiencing negative behaviours will see any light in their futures; have any sense of what they can do – I am not talking about their legal rights I am talking about what they can do differently to help them impact their situation, to bring a better result.

Feel free to reach out, no obligation, no fee, just reach out and talk about what’s happening to you and see if I can add value – no fee, I am very interested. You might even be someone who knows their own behaviour needs addressing but doesn’t know what to do – there are ways forward! Ring Rex 0407827173 – it’s surely worth the call, it is the quality of your life you have at stake! This is not about any legal potential, purely what you can do to help yourself, as difficult as that may seem!

Check out the KPMG post here as well – bullying behaviour is everywhere and the so-called bully doesn’t need to be a bad person, just has bad behaviours – and that can be fixed! check out the story here as well about the nurse, bullied for 3 years, and now working well together! Take some time, read the various articles – it’s your life!

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