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Over talking – this is where the hierarchal person is ‘the solution not the facilitator’!

The overtalking is to stop the other person because the solution owner has better foresight, experience, understanding, intelligence – really, whatever, this behaviour can come across as, “ I do not need or value your input!” This is not about good or bad people just learned behaviour that needs to be eradicated!

Over talking is where the energy has been lost between the employer and the employee; where the employee starts to ‘live down to what the employers’ expectations’ – and then they start to believe that is their worth – listen and do, don’t think or share or expect listening!

This is where respect is now transparently embedded in the negative – this can be unrecoverable especially where the hierarchal person doesn’t know what to do or even, is blamimg the other and leaving it up to them to adjust, recover, rebuild.

“Shut-up and listen to me!” This can actually be the words spoken but more often is the impact of the overtalking or, not even being asked

Where the so often stated, “I might as well be talking to a brick wall” and “How many times have I told you” becomes the reality because, when there is no connection, there is no connection. This is where the teller has lost sight of the fact that is them that is disconnecting, not the so-called listener disconnecting although that is the natural reality – disconnection of both and BLAME from the hierarchal person as to the lack of motivation of the employee.

The power of ‘I am not the solution but the facilitator’ is in solid connection and the fruits of 1+ # =>Σ are realized – one PLUS a number can be greater than the sum of the number when there’s effective Asking and Listening and Asking and Listening and Asking – A L A L A!

It starts with the recognition that more that 50% of strategies and projects fail to accomplish the stated objective and that is largely because not enough input is invited, accepted, and interacted with from across the organisation, NOT JUST EXECUTIVE!



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