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Finding ways to show employees are valued apart from wage increases and career progression!? 

This is my personal introduction to Craig Parry, a professional working in the finance environment.

I vouch for his integrity. I recommend this as a plausible way to demonstrate care for employees.

There can be social activities (not always that successful or inclusionary) some organisations can swap employees with a supplier and even customers to develop relationships and demonstrate respect


As ‘money’ is at the heart of much conversation and family concerns, the mortgage often pushes people to want more and become unsettled when it is not available; even moving jobs for quite small amounts, causing all sorts of disruptions to business and too often to themselves.

Something else you as the employer can do is to help your employees manage their money more wisely. My Budget has been a great success in doing that for some for certain cohorts..

I have come to experience another professional organisation, Crown Money Management.
http://www.crownmoneymanagement.com.au Craig Parry specifically, and have firsthand feedback as to their professionalism and results of their debt reduction program.

Their system can have an enormous effect in lessening the time it takes to pay off a mortgage. The very fact that the 30 year mortgage reduces in time substantially gives that sense of security and of course massive financial saving, and you were the ones that made it possible!

This is covering off on options to salary increase, career movement and will aid in retention.

Craig, a senior partner of Crown Money Management, would supply lunch and personally explain to people how it works. This is not a hard sell but real information and education for your staff, people can then decide for themselves if they would like to see some personal examples.

Can we make a time to walk this through with you? Contact me on 0407827173 to make those arrangements. I receive no reward for making this contact.

Rex Buckingham, Principal – https://leadershipthinking.academy

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