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Getting clarity in the organisational structure is about clarity in the strategic plan so right job descriptions can be written, the right people can be employed. It isn’t about filling an empty chair; it isn’t even about past experience necessarily except where absolutely imperative, it is about a person dynamics, initiative, ability to communicate in a team.

Include peers in the process, let them review the job description, get it right fo everyones sake. Ensure a solid induction program is in place, a mentor is allotted. Review with the new employee & peers frequently first 2 months – listen, don’t justify.

Because someone has the title of Manager doesn’t mean they are equipped to handle the recruitment process; even the strategy leading up to recruitment.

IS a sales company employing physical sales representation where there are more effective selling stages or, has the organisation moved to social media and its just not working with all target markets. So much time is lost when a business ‘looks at what is happening’ and doesn’t act. Or, acts ‘knee jerk’!

Recruitment consultants per se are useful; too often though the individual consultant has no actual business experience. Hasn’t had their house on the line and the ‘fill’ is approached as that. “We have a request to find a certain someone”, “here is a someone”!

Rex at https://leadershipthinking.academy has owned a recruitment company and has been recruiting for himself, for clients and back in corporate life for a very long time. He has made mistakes; quite a few actually when he was running his own large enterprise – trying to fit excellent sales people into management positions! Silly really!

Rex offers a six month guarantee* on his recruitments and is part of the entire process.

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