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Networking that works. Check the network is within your target market.
Have a genuine desire to learn about others. Ask questions, listen and ask about what they said. Then listen again and ask again. This will ensure the other person is interested – they are talking about themselves and you are listening. Don’t add onto their conversation with something about yourself – taking over a conversation is a real turn-off. Learn how to stem a talker – the best way is ask a question about what they are saying.
Yes, you probably have come to get business, but you MUST establish an open mind of the person you are talking to. Their conversation should give you an opening, if you asked the right questions.
Don’t be too eager to start your process – however if in the talking and listening you have decided the person is not your target market and not an influencer to your target market, then learn sentences that allow you to disengage.
Business cards as still very useful as are electronic touch devices that send your info.
Beware of the cheesy 1970/80’s sales chat – just be natural and interested and make sure the other person is talking at least 75% of the time. Watch out for signs the other person has disconnected, if you see it, ask a question.
Networking can work- most often it doesn’t because it is too much about ‘what’s in it for me’

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