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What was new and bright becomes dull and even jagged. Friends become estranged, great plans become wrecked.

Loss is experienced. What was filled with hope is dashed and then there is the process of unwinding, moving apart. There is cash, there are relationships, there is family and ‘the dog’!

There are friends – well so called friends who help you grow negative emotion; they help you find fault, they distribute blame, they leave you out of any of the responsibility and so the scene becomes skewed. In that lack of reality, that chasm, unfair expectations arise. Expectations that are often outside the actual core values of the individual. Hardly anything reigns in the ‘friends’ continued call for blood.

A sense of retribution can fuel demands that in turn grow and like a lit fire with a wind behind, get out of control. Then it becomes a matter of winding back the emotion, looking through reality of the situation and helping each other come to a resolution that is actually fare and balanced and equitable.

At https://leadershipthinking.academy we work with parties to wind back the emotion, get a stranglehold on the facts, not each other, and work toward a resolution that doesn’t bankrupt the relationship and the bank. We work for a fee, agreed upfront and definitely not tied to the amount of punishment one can exact on the other.

All parties will know of situations that have been recovered after a breakup – business or personal – how many times do you see, “We are now best friends, we just don’t live together”? Wouldn’t that be a great outcome – once the emotion is dimmed and joint responsibility realised, that is a very possible outcome.

So, everything is not lost – and the separation has occurred, life can go on.

Free no obligation chat will tell you if you are ready for this type of conciliation. You have nothing to lose with a free 1st interview, lots to lose if you get angry and emotional, how ever much you feel the right to feel like that.

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