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Everyone is so astonished with the revelations re Rathjen! Equally, the Berejiklian/Maguire saga another example. There are loads of skeletons everywhere, in sport, in business, in families … and 99% of the time, someone, if not lots of people know; and do nothing!

Then there is the game blame, the fault, the guilt, the distasteful exposures – too often lives ruined. Lives that could have been saved if someone had the ‘guts’ and the skill (and of course the will) to intercede. In the case of sporting clubs, there is a duty of care to players – this is too often lost in the run to blame the individual, to sanction, to fine, to drop, to show the world their dissatisfaction with the individual – very rarely about their lack of delivering ‘duty of care’.

Of course the fear that their intercession may rebound on themselves is very real so on the ‘whats in it for me’ question, unless the applause for having done so is seen to be sufficient, better keep the mouth closed – at least until it is time to denigrate.

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Keeping quiet is not an option; how to progress knowledge safely, as that will always be a concern, and should be, is the question. Knowing a young footballer is taking drugs and not standing up and helping, is wrong. Knowing a person of influence is not acting honourably is wrong – the key questions is “What can I do, and stay personaly safe?’.

If you can’t think of a way forward, then ask around, seek others input BUT, find a way!

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