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Yes, if you are the proprietor, the principal, the managing director, the head ‘cheese’, you can pretty much do what you want.

Is that is the best way to get the best outcomes, well that is truly debatable. Command and control thinking was supposed to be finished but everywhere I go, I see it flourishing. That is usually in organisations, businesses that are finding it a bit of a challenge – pushing up-hill as it were. When things get tight, it seems when either the business or the individual find it challenging.

The truth of the matter is that everything is better when everyone pulls together; when information is shared, people are listened to and not criticised. It’s OK if you disagree but cutting off and over taking takes away from the real potential of more than one person persevering to solve a challenge. That happens when minds are kept open and respect is exchanged through effective listening.

It is about looking for the gap between opinions and then working with the gap – that’s where the big answers reside.


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