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Football thuggery got what it deserved well did it really? Advertiser 25.4.22

A very worthwhile article Justin Stewart-Rattray, a drawing of a line in the sand; something that needs to be taken on, tackled and new ways forward defined.

Maybe the element missing here is the ‘managers’ of the folk on the field.

Inevitably, those who have been caught using inappropriate force, have been found to do so before – it wasn’t a first off or one-off; maybe it was a level higher but that infers a history and an upwards progress gradient.

So many of the great sporting stars that have fallen have done so under the full glare of their coaches, their club management, their families, the press and so many others, including sponsors.

How is it then, that these players are allowed to get away with this antisocial, over and above field accepted levels of force? A myriad of reasons, amongst them the male syndrome of ‘manliness’, and ‘sissyness’, and the Maslow recognition of wanting to be socially acceptable to the group who, in fact, urge on and reward their forceful behaviour.

This behaviour is the meat of the conversation in the locker room, the review of the video focus.

Of course, a whole lot of absolutely outdated coaching methodologies and language underpin the individual’s growth of habit in reverting to this negative behaviour.

Then there is talk of the ‘victim’, as if there are two separate individuals when that is not always the case. Not to forgive an act but to recognise that there are various factors flowing into an act, quite apart from the energy of so many to urge on, win at all costs.

Your article Justin was useful, I guess my input is to walk back from the act and identify the contributing factors, additional to addressing the actual act.



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