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NATIONAL ALERT- A thought for our national/state politicians and everyone!

We as a country finance a National parliament (or two), state parliaments, thousands of local government bodies, numerous government bodies, even indeed, police to make sure banks don’t cheat! Can you believe that- it does seem necessary though – shame!

Navy, Army and Air Force, Customs, Border Security and so many more!




We need FARMERS endeavours and the results of that; banks feast on the bones of these hardworking folk, as we are now seeing more clearly through the Royal Commission, devastating these exceptionally hard-working people, impacting on all or tomorrows!
This is not to address the effects on animals and harvests when trying to survive droughts and other external factors. Finding some money, holding some fund raisers is nice but not enough. There needs to be clear sustainable Leadership – we know there will be droughts and fires, in advance so why not plan and make appropriate sustainable plans.

Food for ‘us’ and export that we absolutely need and, the ability to encourage the ‘next generation’ to stay connected to these farms is getting harder and harder; who would want to tackle the debt, let alone the never-ending story of degradation of land and assets occasionally interspersed with a successful year / harvest!

As a nation we finance all these other bodies mentioned above, as governance of our nation and as an insurance against negative potentials. Why not the farms – farmers? US!

What are we doing to ensure us against not the potential of bad seasons but the ever repeating, predictable, reoccurring seasons that devastate the land and the land owners.

How about insurance against no food or, all our food being owned by somebody else, exported to every other country! Next thing you know we’ll be buying back our food, (well more of it) just as we have been exporting raw materials only to buy back the value added end product for years. Food from overseas at premium process, when they can afford to share, given much of international food is contaminated.

What not pay the dad and mum owner of the property’s a Colonel’s wage, supporting children, majors or captains, let them work out the support team’s costs, no different to the support team cost of an army. More than they earn now – or for some years.

If we are to survive comfortably as a country fighting the unknown factors to do with climate and international trade, we’re going to need to quickly find ways far from $12,000 in September and $12,000 around next year to make this happen – that is not to decry the governments current package but oh so woefully inadequate & late!

We are just missing the point –we put more and more into defence as an insurance; almost poking our neighbours in the eye with the need to protect ourselves from them.

If we don’t act now we will not get a second chance, the war with no guns will win – ownership by others of our country. Suicide rates through the roof!

If we don’t own it, we will have to buy it back.
Balance of payment out of the ball park!

Building devastation in farming and community families that flows through to the city; to everything, everyone.

Airstrips built by overseas corporations and governments, ready to fly product directly overseas – then we get to bid for our food at world prices.

In an unsteady currency market – ours will not be supported by balanced trade or national assets. Leadership-a somewhat burdened commodity is necessary now.

Enlist with respect, the farmers in the quest for ownership of our country produce and their / our tomorrows. Give them hope and connectivity – do it now now before their is no one left to ‘make it happen’.

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Robert Godden
5 years ago

Really interesting thought starter.

A Brown
A Brown
5 years ago

Several very interesting points, as some one who has spent his entire working life in Agric/Horticulture, i think Australia is not alone in having consumers who do not understand where their food comes from and the costs. They as in UK where i lived and worked just expected it to be there every day at the supermarket at a price they could afford, with no concern as to the cost to produce. This is the case in Uk in milk production and many other items, where 60% of the food consumed is imported. Into a country that can grow most… Read more »

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