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KPMG – just not getting on top of managing people!


KPMG says in its literature – “Financial statement audits and other assurance services play a critical role in creating and maintaining investor confidence and unlocking valuable insights into your business.

We believe independent auditors perform the valuable role of being a trusted intermediary between the providers of business information and the users of that information.

Financial statement audits and other assurance services give assurance over information used by investors and the capital markets.”


US watchdog fines KPMG Australia over ‘widespread’ cheating on online training tests

The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board found more than 1,100 staff including 250 auditors were involved in “improper answer sharing” from at least 2016 until early 2020.

However – Global call for a royal commission into Australian auditing discipline, following huge KPMG fine ‘Unethical behaviour’: KPMG Australia fined by US watchdog


The Australian arm of one of the world’s biggest and most prestigious accounting firms, KPMG, has been fined $613,000 by the US accounting watchdog, after a review found widespread cheating by staff on training tests over a four-year period.

Then there is yet another ‘so badly’ handled series of cases all wrapped up in one of bullying.

KPMG partner leaves firm after sexual harassment claim

A KPMG partner from South Australia has left the firm after an investigation into sexual harassment against him found he breached the company’s rules.

And another – Greg’s suing for unlawful harassment,

and KPMG
is going to fight it BUT Linda Blore says he was also doing the same thing to her! Their boss, Scott Mesley says Greg should change his behaviour – another case of ‘bosses really do not know what to do’ and it would seem all the people below don’t either.

And yet there are so many in the KPMG world who have ‘Duty of Care’ responsibilities,

Alan Yates, CEO; Damian Templeton, CFO/COO; Dorothy Hisgrove, People and Inclusion; Karen Parkes, Transformation; Michael Hill, Assurance & Integrity; Tanya Gilerman, Chief Risk Officer; Amanda Hicks, Brand, David Heathcote, Legal; Managing Partners across Aust. – Carmel Mortell, Vic; Justin Jamieson, SA; Michael Hiller Qld; Cath Ingram, ACT: Doug Ferguson, NSW; Paul Green, Tas; not to mention the plethora of culture and inclusion HR and other people supposedly looking after these kinds of matters! Not just KPMG of course, but they are a leader in their field – just imagine?

The sad thing is that there are strategies that can bring remedies to these distressing matters before they occur – sustainable workplaces free of negative behaviours are possible. If you have situations occurring in your workplace- employee or employer ring me – employer or employee – if it’s impacting on you, don’t just keep taking it.

Rex@LeadershipThinking.Academy 0407827173 – Go into 2022 knowing things can be better!

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