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If buying a home is part of why people want to earn more? If the prospect of increasing interest rates is something that takes people minds off the job, then why not at last ask about a program that helps them battle the interest rate and payout the mortgage sooner. It costs the employer nothing; it could make all sorts of benefits to you workforce and you. Ring me and at least check out the concept? Cheers Rex 0407827173

It costs the business nothing.

  • People who are not concerned about paying the mortgage are able to focus on their work responsibilities
  • People who are focus on their mortgage look for positions elsewhere if they can secure more $$ even though otherwise they are happy in their job. They become unsettled and they unsettle others
  • Paying someone more can lead to the question,
    • why not before
    • is that all
  • Not long after the pay rise, dived by the ay period less tax becomes lost and the same thoughts reoccur

Think about the real, tangible, smell it and feel it experience of a graph demonstrating maybe as much as 20% less time to pay off the mortgage and maybe even at less a %rate. Surely this is worth thinking about letting you people know – you also maybe!

I do not personally provide these workshops, someone  I personally recommend does.

Ring me on 0407827173, help your team get on with their work whilst earning their home faster! They will love you for it!



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