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I received two emails (poorly identified and set out) telling me of changes to pricing as of June 2023. One for electricity and one for gas.

I rang the supplier, I waited for 28 minutes and then I am told the best they can do is 6% of the standard rate.

They don’t mention that it had been less15% and they don’t mention the standard rate has gone up – so the 6% is off a higher start point.

After a conversation taking a further 20 minutes, we drill down to the actual information. If I hadn’t spent 48 minutes of my time, I would have been automatically adjusted down, not to 6% ¬†off the previous less 15% BUT to less 1% – now is that in any way honest?

If I had the time to navigate across all the competitors and make sure I was comparing apples with apples I might get a better deal but I reckon they all talk – there is a name for that isn’t there – Collusion I think. I know the operator I spoke with was very instant that I tell him of the details of other offers I had received.

We have all these government bodies to protect us consumers – where are they – do they have to have a Royal Commission to get big business to demonstrate some integrity, show some moral fortitude?

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