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  • Driving indicates an action that has energy and a direction

  • Adversity indicates the ongoing presence of situations that are out of control, misfortune, difficult, that seem irreversible

Hence the topic is about addressing those things that are or seem to be, against a happy fulfilled, successful existence.

Adversity can come about through misdeeds, misthinking, unwise risk-taking or bad luck.
They may be negative actions on behalf of a third party be it human or natural. Whatever way it invades life, ignoring it, hoping things will get better is fraught with the self-fulfilling prophecy of hopelessness. Hopelessness drives out ‘the driving’ and only allows to submit.

Often those around us will extend sympathy for our dilemma, they may proffer solutions, or they may just not get involved. It will be, in the end up to the individual to find a way through – that’s the driving part! That’s about ‘direction’. That’s about believing change is possible.

The process of release from the quagmire. Cause and effect – clarity – this takes energy

  1. Precisely what is the adverse situation – describe to a 3rd party would understand
  2. Is it a temporary or more likely to be enduring situation?
  3. What are the negative impacts of the situation?
  4. Are other parties/situations involved?
  5. Has this occurred before to you / others
  6. Are there any legal/legislative elements to the situation?
  7. Look to establish 3 ways forward so the brain can keep working; the first solution is unlikely to be the best.

In other words, to move the situation out of the emotional into the situational, there needs to be clarity brought into the matter to work through, and drive to, a solution that is likely to sustain and suit objectives.

This can be done solely or with others BUT beware of those who have no drive, and elect either knowingly or subconsciously to just accept the situation as inescapable, inevitable.
Look outside your normal group, they will offer up what they identify, and dare to share; what you need is new thinking. Work to avoid defensiveness and invite open conversation.

Situations (and people) live up to or down to your expectations and that becomes self-fulfilling.

Of the three ways forward that are identified, write up some brief notes as to how you would go forward – doing this physical observable work on the problem demonstrates to your mind that you are tackling the situation; that is motivating.

Do not delay
go through the 7 steps – share with positive people, break down into priorities – START

We at LeadershipThinking.Academy are here and to act as a sounding board; get the remedy wrong, then the amount of drive is likely to diminish – the well will get deeper.

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