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If you don’t like the wages and conditions then don’t take the job. If you are good worker and you haven’t had an increase, many people go for years without getting an increase, more often than not because they are scared to ask. If you are doing a good job and worth more and your boss doesn’t offer, you are probably wasting your time in that job, that company. BUT, if you want to stay, then you are going to have to stump up the courage and ask – well maybe not that exact question. Maybe something like this, “from what I can see you are happy with my performance, what can I do to earn an increase in wages?”    or, “can you help me understand where I might improve in my work so I am worth more than my current wage?”,  0r,   “can we   about how I might take on more responsibility so I might increase my job satisfaction and earn more?” In other words, don’t be dissatisfied, don’t be any, don’t necessarily resign but ‘ask not what your company can do for you, ask what you can do for your company.’ What ever you do, don’t die in a job you don’t like or aren’t paid satisfactorily.

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