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Cheap paint! This is an analogy of life’s outcomes.

Cheap paint doesn’t cover as well, isn’t as easy to apply and needs refurbishment sooner. Better paint covers fast and last longer. This is about your personal brand – cheap paint or cheap comment’s, cheap put-downs, cheap sentences and words, negativity will bring outcomes accordingly. If life is to be better, best to paint it positively and the rewards will flow – negativity brings negativity – internally and externally.

The challenge as always is how to change ‘what I do’, rather than wishing you would change ‘what you do’. How to change ‘what I do’ and ‘what to change to’? People love up to or down to our expectations and that becomes self-fulfilling – internally and externally! Want to engage in a conversation to make your 2022 a better personal brand or are you happy you are heading in the right direction?

My book will help and if you use code Rex33.3 I will pay for a 1/3, make it that much easier – it has to start somewhere different to what it is today if you want change?


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