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Equal value – partners appreciating and honouring and respecting and caring for each other. It starts maybe with how we feel about ourselves. We all carry baggage of various depths and severity from our childhood onwards – how we were treated, how we coped, the mechanisms we employed to survive. We live with expectations, and they become self-fulfilling. If we think we will be treated harshly, the odds are that we will be. Our conversation, appearance, behaviour will attract and then support those outcomes. We will be used to a pattern and expect the fulfilment of that; we will be poised and somewhat unable to expect any other conclusion.

So, it isn’t as much about more cheap homes, more halfway houses, or other escape mechanisms there will never be enough! It is about learning to change our expectations, and our sentences that lead us into our established patterns. About considering our social groups, identifying those that are toxic – not bad people just people who have given up; also people who offer sympathy, that’s disempowering. Sometimes those that we seek to avoid are those we should seek to embrace – fresh thinking, challenging thinking is what is needed to break the cycles of disadvantage and bad relationships. Whatever, staying in a relationship that draws you down, that damages your esteem and disempowers is wrong – finding a way out that supports life and limb needs seeking new inputs.

We at LeadershipThinking.Academy / AntiBullying Solutions are happy to talk to you with no obligation or expectation. Over to you, no risk, completely confidential -may be a way out is easier than you thought or have experienced before? #bullying #bodyimage #mindimage @tarynbrumfitt #tarynbrumfitt #success #disempowerment #

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