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It’s my business I should be able to tell people what to do!

Yes, if you are the proprietor, the principal, the managing director, the head ‘cheese’, you can pretty much do what you want. Is that is the best way to get the best outcomes, well that is truly debatable. Command and control thinking was supposed to be finished but everywhere I go, I see it flourishing….

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Business Development Thinking

Business development is at the heart of many a conversation. Very often when businesses get busy they neglect the effective search and collection of new clients. At one level business development is about new clients but at quite another level it is about doing better business with people who are currently clients and reconnecting with…

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Optimize Recruitment Strategies

Getting clarity in the organisational structure is about clarity in the strategic plan so right job descriptions can be written, the right people can be employed. It isn’t about filling an empty chair; it isn’t even about past experience necessarily except where absolutely imperative, it is about a person dynamics, initiative, ability to communicate in…

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