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Knowing and not telling is being implicit!

Everyone is so astonished with the revelations re Rathjen! Equally, the Berejiklian/Maguire saga another example. There are loads of skeletons everywhere, in sport, in business, in families … and 99% of the time, someone, if not lots of people know; and do nothing! Then there is the game blame, the fault, the guilt, the distasteful…

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Mediation / Conciliation or litigation   What was new and bright becomes dull and even jagged. Friends become estranged, great plans become wrecked. Loss is experienced. What was filled with hope is dashed and then there is the process of unwinding, moving apart. There is cash, there are relationships, there is family and ‘the dog’!…

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Personal Growth and Development

There is no middle ground, one is either appreciating or depreciating. The important thing is to know where you are heading and the route you are taking; the barriers you might encounter and the way through. It’s not just OK to seek input from others but appropriate. Why would one not take the chance to…

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