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Special New Year -our first meeting is FREE

We will put aside our usual fee structure and charge you what ever you charge your clients. But, our first meeting is FREE – let’s see if we get each other; see if you think I get your business! Everything is confidential – we can meet at my office or yours or somewhere you think…

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Special Offer – fee for service

HOW TO EVEN UP THE ODDS article talking about women not being heard in business. Lots of aspirations no how to’s! We offer FREE to up to ten people (need not be a women as men have much the same problem too often)┬ájust ring and register directly with Rex – 0407827173 – get some easy…

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Special offer – Fee for service 2019

SPECIAL OFFER – ACT NOW! Mediation – it can be that the adults are not getting on together and so these negative behaviours abound – we help adults sort out their problems through adult mediation – talking to those concerned and helping to find new ways forward – it is possible to come back from…

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