Park Lodge 79 Hackney Road Hackney, Adeleide, South Australia, Australia 5069

Feedback from the HR Director:- Rex has been working with our organisation in South Australia over recent times in developing the “clinic managers” from technicians to leaders / enablers.
The work that Rex has implemented has been beneficial to our business. He has enabled us to improve the management of our people. Most people would recognise that staff engagement and commercial performance are tightly linked. For our business to compete in a very tight market it’s important that every individual who comes to one of our Clinics enjoys doing so. Passion is a great motivator, Rex has given the staff the “Tools” to deal with many situations – be it with their peers or patients (clients).

We do acknowledge that we do have staff that are passionate about their work, however they needed to be given assistance to further develop their communication and management styles. Rex was crucial in this process. Rex delivered many workshops for management, clinical and non clinical staff. As a business we have enjoyed a marked success in clinic managers, understanding if they hold a responsible position that they receive appropriate training in interpersonal relationships, situational problem solving and handling difficult behaviours.

The training Rex provided delivered consistent quality, improved effectiveness and lower staff turn over / absenteeism. Rex not only delivers effective management tools but also lives by them. I have always found Rex to be approachable, open and genuinely interested in people. Regards, Margaret Doddridge Human Resources Manager General Manager Human Resources