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Business development is at the heart of many a conversation. Very often when businesses get busy they neglect the effective search and collection of new clients.

At one level business development is about new clients but at quite another level it is about doing better business with people who are currently clients and reconnecting with those who have strayed.

Budgets are often the driver, the level of energy for BD and where budgets are developed using the plus CPI as the budget determinant, it’s a good bet that business development levels off.

The recognition and counting of ‘lost opportunity’ plays a big part in any business success. Putting aside price increases that can account for more than CPI, it is easy to let figures lie and there be a belief that there is real growth.

None of that is either rocket science or startling news, necessarily. BUT, it is amazing how often this key to a profitable thriving business, profitable sales, gets less airtime than it deserves.

Is the organisation utilising the appropriate sales structure, sales methodology? Is the marketing department effective and in communication with the sales people. Is there enough experience in the business tl actually devise a sales strategy in conjunction with marketing?

Is it all about price. Is it all about new models? Is it all about too few big clients?

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