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Read this article on our colourthinking web Р https://web.archive.org/web/20180315035542/http://www.colourthinkingbusinessleadershipcoachingtrainingrecruitment.com.au/bullying-testimonial/ and think about your situation?

It is possible to change your circumstances and so, if those around you are telling you can’t, then you need to find belief by talking to someone who knows you can make any situation much better! The answers are rarely with your upline manager or HR, their predictive solution is to escalate, in fact often to bully the ‘so-called bully’, OR, dismiss your complaint, OR, start to manage the ‘so-called bully’ out OR, just completely ignore. Sometimes the ‘so-called victim’ is even bullied by the system. Does any of this sound familiar?

Firstly I ask you to resist the ‘it can’t be fixed’ mindset.

Secondly, I ask that you email me an overview of your situation – all strictly confidentially. Rex@LeadershipThinking.Academy

Thirdly I will respond in writing and then if you wish, we can speak – this is all free, no obligation to anything – 0407827173

Fourthly, I would like to publish (confidentially) the script of your situation and outcome to give others hope. You always approve that before publishing.

The case study I pointed to at the beginning of this is about a young woman who was in peril, was losing confidence, was crying on the way to work. Things are much much better now – some four years later, but we still talk fairly regularly and it’s still free.

Your choice – stay in your situation or dare to look to remedy it.

Life is short, we need to fix things that do not work – I can help. #change #mindset #work #bullying #behaviour #fear #crying #help

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