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Who are you today, what words would you or others use to describe you? How about when you were in kindergarten, year 5, 10 – when you at home, with siblings, parents, (or one of them – you can have, most likely do, have a different brand for mum and for dad), at sport or in the library or just hanging out? Who are you today?

Who do you want to be, and what words would you or others use to describe you? Do you even know what YOU want to be, how you want to be seen or is the picture invaded by what others what you to be – your family, the school, the sports coach, your friends and even your, what you may see today as your enemies?

“Sometimes you just have to shut up. Sometimes you just have to speak up, so others can listen and even then, you have to listen”

Excerpt From: Rex James Buckingham. “Develop Through Leadership Thinking.”

Knowing when to and when not to talk; what to say, the volume, the eye contact, the degree – this is all about

YOUR BRAND. You today, you tomorrow!

“Thinking about your future – solid foundations – Be the best you can be.

Chapter 01“Thinking about your future – solid foundations”

  1. What is your situation right now?
  2. Looking back at your past
  3. Unpack key skills and experience and skills needed
  4. Form conclusions of general gaps needing to be addressed
  5. Identify actions to remedy gaps or other solutions

Chapter 02 “Identifying what to do in preparing/choosing career opportunities”

Developing a list of opportunities.

What industries to consider?

What Level?

What skills

What experience

Identifying the right position / industry Gaps


Chapter 03 Your options

Self-employed or employed

Full-time, Part-time or Casual


Franchises, licenses and the like

Apprenticeships and internship


04. Personal life plan

“Goal setting, what’s it about, how does it work?

Your life goals

Your family unit goals

Educational Goals

Barriers and challenges

Life balance goals

Chapter 05 Personal Development – you need to be in the right head & skill space

Identify the specific gaps

Gap analysis*

Identify options to correct or supplement, to identify

Everything is about words and sentences

*Mentors, coaches, mediators NOT friends”

And then many of the articles in Chapter 12

Excerpts From: Rex James Buckingham. “Develop Through Leadership Thinking.”

The book is available from https://leadershipthinking.academy and we underwrite 50% of the cost – just use Rex50 when purchasing. The book comes with a one-hour free consult with the author, Rex Buckingham.
You can save postage if you pick it up or maybe a coffee (if you are a local Adelaidean).

Questions – if you read the chapter and section titles above, there are plenty there but, a few more might be

  1. Think about your personal brand – has this helped you get where you are today or held you back

What in your past, your past brand, is it hard to escape from?

Do you admire others, what parts of their style/behaviour/persona would you like to emulate

Do other people impact on you with their expectations of who they think you should be?

Thinking about your current employment, skills etc, these are all part of your brand –
What do you want to keep, what do you want to reject?
Thinking about your education, your skills, your experience, these are all part of your
brand – are you stuck, is your work culture positive, and your peers dynamic?
Can you identify gaps in your skills that are holding you back, denting your self-

Are you comfortably comfortable with where you are now, who you are OR
uncomfortably comfortable OR uncomfortably uncomfortable?

Have you tried self-employment or employment – have you thought about earning a
living another way – perhaps taking control of your life more, life balance?

Your personal life plan is the observable part of your brand – your family, friends and
work mates see it daily regardless of how you act, what you say to the contrary.

Have you in the past conducted any sort of self-audit – decided to join and attend a
gym, take on a course of learning in pursuit of changing your brand – was that a spontaneous decision or do
you have a plan?

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