Park Lodge 79 Hackney Road Hackney, Adeleide, South Australia, Australia 5069

Australia for Australians must be the essence of our core values!

And so it is about the definition?!

For my money it’s at least:

*Australian citizens

(who behave and continue to earn the right) – controversial!?

Three strikes & out. Whilst difficult to renounce some, maybe less benefits that accrue – ‘P’ plates!

*Permanent residents who are progressing their application for citizenship

*Refugees who are accepted and heading to citizenship

I might have missed a group, if you think so share with me please.

*First Nation people who are citizens of course and let’s move past separation and unite under a single flag. We are heading to 2020 quickly, let’s make sure all Australians stand for equity and diversity –  fair go for all – not bullying one another over self interest.

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