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Addiction. When we think of addiction we most often think of smoking or alcohol or even drinking Coca-Cola or Ice coffee. We think of course about drugs meth etc but when you think about it, addiction also applies to the way we behave, the way we think, and our assumptions.

We are addicted to our emotional and even our analytical responses, addicted to happiness and sadness, truth and lying. 

Addictions – We look to solve the most spoken about addictions of drinking, smoking, and taking drugs, but how often do we sit down to think about solving the addiction we have to prejudge, to seeing the downside or seeing the upside, of changing behaviours and assumptions that drive our lives. 

This is a conversation about maybe it’s time we looked at how we think about addiction generally and from a cause and effect aspect, the most spoken of addictions are effects of our habits, addictive behaviours and thinking.

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